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Ducks & Drakes Cancer Trust was founded to:

  • Create awareness of bowel cancer in young people, aged 18 to 30 in Dorset and the UK
  • To support bowel cancer patients and their families through the provision of specialist equipment and financial aid
  • To fund specialist nurses in Dorset County Hospital, specifically in the Colorectal Department

Ducks and Drakes Cancer Trust is based in Dorset and was founded by Andrew Drake and his family following the bowel cancer diagnosis of Andrew aged 24.

Every 30 minutes someone dies from bowel cancer in the UK - over 16,000 each year

  • If diagnosed early, over 90% of bowel cancer cases can be treated successfully
  • Around one in 17 people will get bowel cancer
  • It affects men and women almost equally

The number of cases of bowel cancer in younger people is increasing rapidly, particularly in the under-30s which has increased by 120% in the last decade.

Please help us support young bowel cancer patients and help create more awareness of the symptoms of bowel cancer.

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