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Orphans Know More is a local, relationally based charity working together to give orphans a Face, a Family and a Future. OKM wants to dispel the myth of a faceless crisis by relating to real children and families, each with their own story of loss and restored hopes and dreams. OKM focuses on families, not institutions. OKM was set up in 2005 to support Ugandan families fostering and adopting orphans and vulnerable children, many affected by AIDS and war. Caring for children in loving families frees from them from the stigma of labels such as “AIDS Orphan”, and returns their identity to being a child in a family. Family and extended family are vital in bringing change and hope. Children are amazingly resilient but repeated suffering, tragedy and loss can hinder hope for a better future. We work through counsellors, social workers and workshops to help children and their families regain their hope and develop their God-given potential. Children can realise their significant place in society through opportunities for consistent learning. Our partnership with dedicated families has created a model which has effectively broken the cycle of poverty.

Some of the ways OKM is engaging with families is: 

Enabling all children to attend school * Advising on agriculture and food production * Ensuring adequate housing and clean water * Providing necessary medical treatment * Equipping parents and children through trauma and grief counselling * Funding a local social worker to support families * Offering supportive social gatherings and advocacy for adoption * Empowering familiesthrough micro-enterprise projects * Partnering to distribute income-generating trees and coffee plants * Assisting in establishing community schools * Sponsoring young adults through vocational training

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