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OcuMel UK is a charity supporting those affected by ocular melanoma, a rare eye cancer.

We aim to support patients and their families by providing accurate, up-to-date information and emotional support via our website and helpline.

Our vision is a world where all ocular melanoma patients and their families are given the information, support and treatment they need.

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Our Motivation 

People with ocular melanoma can feel very alone.  The condition is so rare and the prognosis often so overwhelming that patients frequently report feeling totally isolated. 

OcuMel UK came about to provide both support and a voice for those with this rare cancer.  We are able to bring patients together across the country and provide UK-specific information through our helpline and website.

Ocular melanoma patients are often excluded from melanoma trials, and with no meaningful drug therapy available to treat the condition there has been very little progress made in the last 20 years.

OcuMel UK is raising the profile of the disease within the medical community.  We hope to improve patients' access to treatment, and eventually to support ocular melanoma drugs trials. 

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