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In India the only inheritance that many poor children have is poverty, children from poor families grow up to be poor parents. We believe that the only way to break this cycle is through education, leading to better job opportunities for both men and women.

At Liberty Children's Home (reg 1136713) we believe that every child is a gift from God into whom He has placed a potential. We strive to enable children to discover that potential, to dream big dreams about their future and give them the opportunity to shape their own lives.

We do that at Liberty Children's by providing a safe living environment, where the children are given food, clothing, medical care and educational equipment to enable them to attend the village schools, college and even university.

Liberty Children's Home is only a small charity, providing for 50 children in purpose built dormitories, in its own secure compound. Some of the children are orphans and for them it is an orphanage, others have a parent or parents with short or long term sickness, who cannot work, and for them it is a large foster home. The number of children at the Home is limited by the funds available and it cannot accomodate all the needy children in the village.

The Home has become an integral part of village life and each year it also helps more than 100 of the poorest children in the village, by providing them with all their notebooks, so that they can also attend the village schools. In the past, we have helped the village schools by providing plates so that there are sufficient for the mid day meal and desks for the classrooms. We are currently helping 26 pregnant women, by supplying food supplements, for the last 6 months of their pregnancy and for 3 months after the birth. We also we have been suppling 30 old ladies, who are neglected by their families, with new saris each year.

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