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APARU is the Association of Argentine Professionals in the United Kingdom, a non-profit organization registered under the Central Registry of Charities of England and Wales.


APARU provides direct support to small organizations in Argentina which lack access to regular funding but have a proven track record of good governance and a strong commitment to improving the wellbeing, health and education of the poorest and most vulnerable communities in Argentina. APARU offers a unique platform that brings together professionals of all disciplines living in the UK with the aim of creating a forum for debate on professional issues and developing fundraising activities to support disadvantaged communities in Argentina.

APARU is currently supporting the following project:

FUSAVI (Medical Foundation for Visual Health and Rehabilitation) is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2005, which is devoted to prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation in the field of ophthalmology. Its efforts are aimed at children, youths and adults in Argentina, who have visual problems and cannot find a suitable answer through the public health system. FUSAVI works with a team of outstanding professionals, who generously donate their scientific experience, time and fees. FUSAVI sponsors those in need of surgery, giving them the chance of having a future in which they are able to see.

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