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Cintre is a dynamic support service tailored to adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Learning Difficulties and Mental Health issues. 

Our team works in collaboration with individuals who have both high and low support needs, helping them to achieve short and long-term development goals. We aim to be a sustaining influence on the lives of each individual that we support, recognising and developing their potential, and helping them to be the best individual that they can be.  

In recent years we have successfully enabled individuals to transition from residential services to supported living accommodation. We have helped many others attain paid and voluntary employment positions, and also to attend educational and social activities in the area including our own community hub sessions, and others offered by partner organisations.

A ‘Cintre’ is a tool used by architects when building an arch. It supports the construction until the arch is capable of holding itself independently. In this way, Cintre provides the necessary support to vulnerable people to maximise their independence and their ability to stand strong, resilient, and unaided. 

Your donation can make a real difference.

Here are just a few examples of how your money might be used:

£5 could pay for more bulbs/seeds to use at our gardening club. This is a weekly group that gives individuals the opportunity to take part in rewarding, collective activity outdoors - whilst also being able to take pride in the visible results of their effort. 

£10 could pay for one session of our weekly cooking club. The group is designed to encourage healthy eating and equip people with valuable skills that they can then use independently (e.g. how to use an oven, how to make roast vegetables, how to measure ingredients).

£20 could cover the fuel costs on a Service User Forum trip. We are always organising outings and on the lookout for different places to visit. These trips give people the chance to relax, enjoy themselves, and see something they might not otherwise be able to. 

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