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C/O Naunton Jones Le Masurier,3 Herbert Terrace
Penarth,Vale of Glamorgan
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Pride Cymru is Wales’ largest volunteer led LGBT+ charity. Our core team works year-round to produce a series of events and programmes culminating in our flagship celebration: Pride Cymru’s Big Weekend.

Having come a long way from a small march through the streets of Cardiff to a City-wide event that draws in over 50,000 people from across Wales and beyond, for 20 years we have put on Wales’ largest celebration of diversity and inclusion and in the process created a wealth of new opportunities for the next generation of LGBT+ activists.

From our Board of trustees and Events Committee to the 200+ strong team who help make the weekend a success, we are entirely volunteer run and the results shown are a testament to the dedication and passion put into everything we do.

As a charity our goal is simple, to eliminate discrimination and promote inclusiveness throughout Wales.

We also seek to work within all areas of the LGBT+ community across Wales. Through co-production, engagement and partnering with other organisations, we have developed a series of projects aimed at supporting a diversity of LGBT+ communities while developing links with the wider community around them. Our aim is to increase understanding and respect for all and ensure that we encourage participation from people with a range of backgrounds and life experiences.

Over the years Pride Cymru has become a family that has grown bigger and bolder. Each new member of that family brings with them a different story, a new skill and another voice to add to the thousands of colourful, vibrant and empowered voices that champion the LGBT+ cause in Wales.

Your donation will allow us to continue this great work and help us achieve our goal of building an inclusive and hate free society. No matter how big or small your donation, we would like to thank you for helping us change the lives of thousands of LGBT+ peoples across Wales.

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