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Moore Water

Safe Water Saves Lives

Clean, safe water is a basic human need. Access to clean, safe water is not something everyone has.

In October 2011, a Director of CFU Natalie Moore and 3 friends visited CALM Africa and saw the dirty pond that was the local water supply for the community and the Jolly Mercy Learning Centre school. During the long dry seasons experienced in Uganda, this would be the only source of water. They found out that it would not always be boiled - the children would drink the contaminated water straight from the pond.

Without access to clean water, people are at risk of dehydration and other water-related diseases which can be fatal. From this visit, the Moore Water campaign was initiated to turn this contaminated water source into a safe water supply; in December 2012 the natural, protected well was completed. But, the work doesn't end there...

As part of the Community Outreach programme, CALM Africa already carry out water-related work, such as providing rainwater harvesting advice and equipment. The Moore Water campaign is now on-going at CFU to raise funds for any water-related work at CALM Africa and to build more wells. The well built in 2012 is now a safe source, but it is still a hand-pump well not so close to home. A pump and piping could make this more accessible and more safe by reducing the need for carrying heavy jerry cans of water for long distances. More can always be done to provide Moore Water.

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