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Uganda is ranked 186th out of 191 nations for healthcare according to the World Health Organisation; many living in rural Uganda have no access to healthcare facilities; life expectancy in Uganda is amongst the lowest in the World.

Let's do something to change this...

Sherry Lumber previously volunteered with CALM Africa and saw first-hand the dire conditions of healthcare in Uganda. She is now running the Health & Hope campaign, working with UK charity Children First Uganda, to raise awareness and funding to improve healthcare services and facilities in rural Uganda.

Through CALM Africa's Community Outreach Programme, they enable nurses and social workers to visit members of the communities and provide any treatment and health education they need. This could be anything from first aid and medical care to nutrition and family planning advice. First aid and other healthcare services are also provided to the children in the schools they run. However, these services are severely lacking in funding and supplies in order to operate and be effective. Sherry will be returning to CALM Africa in 2014 to provide medical supplies and work on other healthcare activities with funding raised through this campaign. Please take a look at the blog and online donation page for more information on what fantastic work this would be achieving.

Just a £5 donation could provide a mosquito net to protect a child from malaria; £3 could purchase a packet of bandages or contraceptives; even as little as £1 could provide toothbrushes for a family. Any donation is hugely appreciated and could really change someone's life. Your support is very gratefully received, thank you.

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