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What is it?

place where families of those with Down’s Syndrome can connect, share, support and celebrate!


Who set it up?

Twincess was set up by Jodi and Matt Parry after their twin daughters were diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome.


Why was it set up?

“ We were naive to Down’s Syndrome when Abigail and Isobel were born and we found that there was nowhere to turn. We decided that this must change. Many reports highlight negative aspects of living with DS, but we want to focus on the positives of the condition; We see the Ups not the Downs.”


Primary purpose/aims:

We provide frank and honest advice based on real, personal experience
We provide a resource, an ear and a voice to expectant or new parents of children with Down’s Syndrome


Secondary purpose/aims:

We aim to change misconceptions of Down’s Syndrome through education and integration
We aim to educate midwives and nurses about the social side of the condition so they are better equipped when speaking with the parents/families of people with DS


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