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HUGE ,an acronym for Helping UGanda Educate, has been setup to make a difference to childrens' lives in Uganda, who through no fault of their own cannot go to school, are malnourished and have no access to normal health facilities. HUGE's initial aim is to work in partnership with the Nabugabo community in an area located on the shores of Lake Nabugabo in rural South West Uganda. Our aim is to help develop the Nabugabo Community Learning Centre, a primary school set  up to provide education to children who would otherwise grow up without schooling, nurture and support.In addition HUGE supports the local community particularly in providing improvements in healthcare,employment and environmental initiatives. Work in the surrounding area will begin once the Nabugabo project proves sustainable.

Opening it's doors in 2013,the school currently has 112 children, aged 4 to 12 years of age.There are five fully qualified teachers and two class assistants. Additionally, the school has a cook, site manager and an accountant.

There are presently five classes - P1( Primary 1) to P5. The intention is, with the support of HUGE , is to add P6 in 2018 and P7 in 2019.

In addition,the school offers a small dedicated boarding facility for vulnerable young girls again supported by HUGE.

There are numerous ongoing community projects including the building of latrines , repair and building work to existing housing and provision of training and education in vocational , practical areas of work.

We need your help to ensure the School  and Community  continues to grow and flourish. Any donations, small (or large) will make a HUGE difference and will help give  these children an education they so richly deserve , and which they would otherwise be denied.

If you would like to make a one off donation please do so via this page.

Alternatively you may want to sponsor a child which you can do for as little as £16.70 a month or £200 a year.By sponsoring a child you will guarantee them not only education but 2 meals a day , a uniform , access to basic health facilities and most importantly , a loving and stable environment. You can sponsor a child by emailing us via the link on this page (or our website) and we will provide you with more details about how the child sponsorship works and what you will receive in return.The monthly or annual donation for child sponsorship should be made from this site and it may then be eligible for gift aid.

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