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Reconciliation Through Rugby

"When we play rugby everyone smlles"

Who we are?

Friends of Rwandan Rugby is a small, innovative charity which teaches the joys of rugby to boys and girls in some of the most impoverished regions of Rwanda.  FoRR’s mission is to promote reconciliation through sport, using rugby to build trust, friendships and foster shared experiences on the rugby field.  The charity currently employs 6 Rugby Development Officers (RDOs) coaching rugby across 85 rural schools.

Why Rugby?  Why Rwanda?

For all the gruesome statistics from Rwanda’s genocide – and there are many – perhaps the most sobering is that 96% of the child population at the time are thought to have witnessed the bloodshed first hand.  Now those children are helping to build a new Rwanda and for some one thing has made that unenviable task just a little easier:  Rugby

Rugby as a contact sport helps build very strong relationships & friendships.  Players need to be friends with their team mates so they take care of you on the pitch.

What do we do?

FoRR focuses on teaching rugby to children and young adults in schools and communities across Rwanda from towns to rural areas. 

FoRR’s core day to day activities involve:

  • Developing school rugby leagues in 6 regions of Rwanda;
  • In addition to the leagues we organised over 50 friendly games in 2013;
  • Last year we organised 17 rugby tournaments in primary and secondary schools;
  • We provide coaching and organise tournament of Tag Rugby, Sevens and 15 a side rugby;
  • We provide referees to officiate in all of the school rugby activities across the country;
  • We employ 6 full time rugby development staff who teach day to day in 85 schools;
  • We are working to put in place an infrastructure to support schools which will empower teachers to deliver rugby activities;
  • We organise an annual volunteer coaching trip to giving people the chance to get involved in the coaching programme.

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