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Manningham Mills Community Centre,Lilycroft Road
Bradford,West Yorkshire

01274 594173

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Equality Together is a Disabled People User Led Organisation serving the Bradford Metropolitan District. It was a merger of three former long established and respected charities in the Bradford area, namely Bradford Alliance on Community Care (BACC) CONTACT Peer Support and Bradford Disability Services Ltd (better known as DAB and DEB). 

We aim to tackle and challenge disabling barriers and to 
inspire and support people who face disabling barriers: 

To challenge and overcome these barriers and to live independent and active lives.


  • Equality Together is a disabled people-led organisation
  • We believe in the social model of disability, whereby you are not disabled by your disability or health condition, but by the barriers in society.
  • We work with people to ensure they have choice and
    control over the services they use and need, contributing to their improved health and wellbeing
  • We will campaign around issues that are important to disabled people, carers, families and other people who face discrimination and disadvantage to achieve change.


 Equality Together currently has 5 main areas of work:


  • Independent Living Centre
  • Complex Needs Welfare Advice (Benefits)
  • Non Statutory Self & Group Advocacy
  • Carers Holiday Project 
  • Disabled Persons Holiday & Activities Project 

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