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Thank you for deciding to sponsor our animals in long-term care in your local area.

Your regular donation will make a real difference to the lives of animals who have suffered and deserve happy futures, being loved and cared for.

In order to set-up your regular payment please click on the "Make a monthly donation" button on the right hand side.

When completing the form please select "I'd like to make a regular donation of", then click "Other" and enter one of the following amounts:

  • £3 for our rabbits
  • £4 for our cats
  • £5 for our dogs

If you are donating as a gift for somone else and you would like everything to be sent to them, please tick the "leave a message" box and add their contact details.

Please also tick that you would like your name left with this message.

It is important you provide us with your email and postal address so we can send you your welcome pack and regular updates on your sponsored animals. So when it asks whether you are happy to be contacted by the charity you have donated to, please tick the box to say yes.

Thank you so much, your support is very much appreciated.

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