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Tyne Rivers Trust was founded in 20014 and benefits the people who live, work and visit the ctachment of the River Tyne.  As a small charity with 11 staff we work with over 200 local people of all ages through volunteering opportunities that enhance their lives.

Our current focus areas include:

  • River School and Empowering Communities: we offer river-specific enhanced learning activities for schoolchildren, run community events, deliver skills programmes and create volunteering opportunities to engage people in valuing and understanding the benefits that an improved river brings to their lives.

  • Improving People’s River Experience: rivers are important outdoor spaces for recreation and mental wellbeing.  We address anti-social behaviour, remove litter, protect and restore riverside footpaths, and support recreational activities.

  • Increasing Biodiversity: our volunteer teams remove litter, tackle invasive species and other threats to wildlife, enabling the native plants and animals of the Tyne to thrive. We deliver projects which support species at risk such as water voles, the freshwater pearl mussel and migratory fish, by improving in-river and bankside habitat.

  • Improving Human Health: river health and water quality ultimately impact on human health. We monitor the Tyne, report pollution and implement solutions, both directly and through our volunteer network of citizen scientists.  Our volunteer programme encourages people to become more active.
  • Reducing Flood Risk: we improve rivers using natural flood management methods, such as tree planting and reconnecting floodplains, in order to help to protect housing, land and infrastructure from flooding.

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