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Donnington Doorstep is an independent, community-based family centre providing support to children of all ages, their families and the local community. From our purpose-built centre in East Oxford our activities focus on play, food, support and community development. We are open all year round, 2 days a week.

A brilliant community resource like this does come at a cost, especially in the context of an increasingly difficult funding climate. Our individual donors are invaluable as we fight to stay open year by year. 

We are currently recruiting Doorstep Champions - supporters who will give us a monthly donation and who will shout about what we do so that more people hear about us. 

To become a Doorstep Champion, click the 'Make a monthly donation' button on the right of this screen.

If you'd like to hear about how our campaign is going, and receive regular news from Doorstep, make sure you tick the box which asks you to give permission for the charity to contact you.

We also welcome one-off donations, and whatever your circumstances we are so glad you are thinking of supporting our work.

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