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Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) Chairty is proud to support the work of the Yorkshire Ambualance Service NHS Trust. We fund projects which go above and beyond that funded by the NHS. 

Our aim is to save more lives across Yorkshire and The Humber, by enabling EVERYONE to respond to a medical emergency in the appropriate way and by supporting those who deal with such emergencies.

Currently our major focus is on cardiac surival as we want people in Yorkshire to have the best possible chance of surviving sudden cardiac failure. In the UK this is one the biggest causes of death, it can happen to anyone anywhere. We know that bystander CPR and access to difibrilation can dramatically increase the chances of sucessful resucitation by an amabulacne crew. Can you help give more people the best possible chance?

Projects we are currently funding:

  • Community Public Access Defibrillators - which are accessible to the public 24/7 increasing the chances of survival after a cardiac arrest. We fund these in partnership with local communities who then own and look after the device.
  • Free First Aid Training - we believe everyone should know what to do in a medical emergency. We train community groups who would not normally have access to this training across Yorkshire. 
  • Restart a Heart Day – each year we train 30,000 young people in basic lifesaving skills – hands only CPR. YAS staff volunteer their time to achieve this and the charity provides financial support.
  • YAS BASIC Doctors – YAS has a network of volunteer doctors who can respond to medical traumas. The doctors give their time for free and the YAS Charity funds their equipment and training expenses.
  • YAS Employees Health and Wellbeing – we support our YAS colleagues with health and wellbeing projects.

If you would like further information on the Yorkshire Ambulance Service Charity or wish to discuss any fundraising plans then please call Danielle Norman on 01924 584369 or 07917 307688 email yas.charity@nhs.net

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