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Dan’s Fund for Burns, a UK registered Burns Charity, established by Polly Miller Brooks after her husband Dan, and eight other friends were killed in the 2002 Bali bombings. Polly suffered 45 per cent body burns so understands the devastating pain, both physically and emotionally.

The main aim of Dan’s Fund for Burns is to provide assistance swiftly and practical way.  A few examples of what DFFB has achieved

Over £35,000 during the last FY has been given to individuals ranging from £50 to £6000 for family emergencies including transportation, reeducation programmes, new mattress, emergency funding, assistance for families after house fires, extended, physiotherapy, funeral costs, computers, iPads, and more.

Also provided funding for Medical equipment for Burns Units

               Laser Doppler machines value £50,000 each to 3 Burns Units

               3 Meek Mesher machines for 3 Burns Units £10,000 each

               Clinical Psychologist to Chelsea & Westminster Hospital 3 years total £175,000

               Camouflage Training 16 Burns Units £15,000

               Funding annual Young Adults Burns Camps for ages 18 and 25 at £5,000 to £6000 each year

               Funding Young Adults 2013 International Burns Camp Jamboree in South Africa, 16 young adults, 1 chaperone and 3 counselors

               Transportation Medical Staff to attend Conferences, Training Programmes

               Funding major UK wide Support Groups Study and Befriending programmes to improve access to burn survivors after hospital. 

               Physiotherapy equipment for several Burns Units

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