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Kenyan School Fund is a charity that supports the education of primary school aged children. With support from our local community, schools and business we are able to fund schooling in Kenya that is multicultural, teaches a varied curriculum, provides a school uniform, reading and writing equipment, a staple meal each day and clean water to drink.

The Hendin Academy has been educating Kenyan children in the Mombasa area since 2008. The school has a strong sense of community where the teachers, parents and carers regard education as an important structure to their children’s lives.

The Kenyan School Fund is committed to providing the necessary nourishment and hydration so that the children have the energy to learn. The children have a staple meal each day of rice and beans,with fruit or vegetables. They are given meat or fish twice a week. This can be their only meal of the day.

We also support the Soma Leo Academy based in Nyiera, Lake Victoria area of Kenya, this school was founded by the Kenyan School Fund.

Kenyan School Fund has no employees. Both in the UK and in Kenya the Trustees and volunteers who support us are unpaid. We welcome any new supporters who wish to fundraise for us.

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