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Rik Basra at a registration event

It's shocking but did you know... Someone is diagnosed with blood cancer every 20 minutes in the UK... 72 people a day will receive that devastating news that they have a life threatening illness!

It gets worse...

Many of them will require a life saving stem cell transplant. But there's a big problem, there simply aren't enough stem cell donors on the register... 

Half of patients in need of a transplant will never find one...

At this time 50% of patients will never find a donor and they and along with them their families and friends will have to stand by helplessly as the disease takes it's inevitable course.

The situation is even more acute for minority patients, who make up a pitiful 4% of the UK registry.

The real tragedy...

It really doesn't have to be this way... medical advances make registration and donation extremely simple and straightforward. Despite this donor numbers remain stubenly low. 

To date there has been too little done to address this issue. 

Rik at the early stages of treatment...Rik Basra was one of those desperately ill patients, he had Leukaemia his search for a donor proved extremely problematic. Following an international search a donor was found for Rik in  literally was at the 'eleventh hour'.

Rik was extremely lucky, sadly there there are many, many others who are not... this is the driver for our work. We strive to give hope to desperatly ill patients and their families. 

So what do we do?

We run facilitated registration events to sign eligable people to the Anthony nolan stem cell registry. We have run well over 200 to date and have trained volunteers who take prospective donors smoothly through the registration process. We've signed people up in their thousands but match rates are also thousands to one so there is still so much more to do. Having said that every single person we sign up is a chance of life for someone.

Please help us do more...Our ultimate aim is to get to a point where everyone, has a donor available to them at point of need.


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