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Our vision statement is "Conservation, Education and Community Enhancement". We predominantly support and raise awareness of the AfriCat Foundation and the Namibian Lion Trust which are in Namibia

The AfriCat Foundation was set up in the early 1990's.  The HQ is based at Okonjima a private, 200km² nature reserve, 50 kilometers south of Otjiwarongo in central Namibia, and the Namibian Lion Trust(formally AfriCat North) is on the western borders of Etosha National Park.

AfriCat has grown significantly since it first began work to help to keep Namibia's populations of the large carnivors running free, but has remianed true to its principles and mission. Its key threads are research, animal welfare, human-wildlfie mitigation, education, community support and working with others to achieve goals. Over time its has become clear to keep the large carnivors living wild 'education' is a key element to the long-term conservation and the enhancement of the surrounding communities.

In the nature reserve at Okonjima, AfriCat runs a number of research and rehabitation programmes as well as caring for the cats unable to be returned to the wild. It is possible to visit the work of AfriCat by staying at Okonjima or visiting for the day. Those staying have the chance to track many of the large carnivors who, being habitiated to vehicles/people and wearing collars for monitoring purposes, provide great opportunities to watch these magnificant animals going about thier daily lives. The ambassador cats who cannot be released into the park, provide close up photographic opportunties as well as a chance to learn more about the AfriCat story.  

The Namibian Lion Trust (AfriCat North) is based on the western boundary of Etosha National Park and home to the Tammy's work with lions and the communities where they roam. Here the central theme of conservation through education is evident with the range of programmes designed to reduce the number of lions killed by farmers who do so generally to protect thier livestock. Research and has enabled the team to develop solutions that reduce the losses. The programme recruits and employs elected members of the communities Lion Guards to help provide solutions to mitigate livestock lossess and supports initiatives for community enhancement, like Onguta School. 

It is possible to support the work of AfriCat and the Namibian Lion Trust in different ways and for specific projects. Current key projects inlcude the the Namibian Lion Trust Lion Guards, the Onguta School project and the Environmental Education programme at Okonjima  - for details see  

In the UK AfriCat UK is a small team of volunteers. Please feel free to contact us by email us on and check out the website. We do put on events and are keen to hear from those willing to help us with ideas and/or fundraising. You can support individual projects, animals or provde funds for general use. 

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