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APSL is an association for all Sri Lankan professionals in the UK, regardless of their ethnicity, creed or political affiliation, who share our aims of:

  • Promoting unity and professionalism among the Sri Lankans,
  • Fostering good will, understanding and cultural relations in the UK, and
  • Providing relief and development Support as well as knowledge transfer activities to Sri Lanka.
Our vision:
  • A peaceful, just and prosperous Sri Lanka where all her citizens live in harmony and dignity with one another, where diversity is valued and celebrated.
  • Children get the opportunity to realise their true potential,
  • Natural beauty and cultural heritage is enjoyed by the current generation and cherished and nurtured for future generations, and
  • Professionals renowned for their knowledge, skills and hard work; make their mark the world over.

Our mission:

To promote unity and professionalism among the Sri Lankans in the UK and harness their talent for the development of Sri Lanka; and project a positive image of Sri Lankans in the UK and promote cultural relations.


Our values and beliefs:

We see diversity as a strength, regard family, community, religion, and culture as the foundation and education and hard work as the building blocks of success. We endeavour to uphold our reputation for honesty, generosity, and professionalism in everything we do. 

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