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Animals in Distress started in 1967 and they now Support two Sanctuaries. Irlam Site has a 24hr emergency service and rescues any type of animal that needs us day or night. Wildlife is rehabilitated back to the wild. Pets that have been mistreated road traffic accidents or just unwanted are all examined by the Vet and nursed back to health, before being neutered. Dogs cats and horses are micro chipped and all animals will be found new homes.

If the new adoptee no longer wants their pet or we are unhappy of the treatment the animal is having at the new home we can collect the animal as agreed in the contract either way.

Littleborough sanctuary deals with horses, donkeys, feral cats, pet pigs, sheep, goats, battery and pet chickens, ducks, geese, peacocks, pet birds of all types, chinchillas, chipmunks, owls, reptiles and wildlife. Some go to new homes or back to the wild. Some stay at the Sanctuary to live out their days. We also deal with retired and badly treated equines. The equines fear can cause them to be unpredictable with humans. A great deal of ongoing body language with the equines at the sanctuary is carried out which is very successful.

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