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The Team Army Sports Foundation is a registered charity which raises funds for Forces sport to increase sporting opportunity, promote excellence and also enable recuperation and rehabilitation.

Our Armed Forces do a great deal on our behalf. In order to protect our interests and our way of life, we frequently ask these brave men and women to risk their lives in extreme circumstances, and when called upon they do so with great courage and professionalism.

Sport is critical to the morale, motivation and wellbeing of our Forces, yet taking part in sport is often expensive and, in some cases, beyond the means of our personnel. Your support will help to make sport more accessible by reducing the cost of participation and also increase the opportunity for our injured troops to take part in competitive sport.

Our sporting servicemen and women are supported by organisations and individuals who share the same passion and positive values and who are proud to say they are a part of Team Army. Your donations help to fund sporting opportunities for all ranks and will mean a great deal to them personally.

We help the best get better. 

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