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Dream Big Ghana Foundation (DBGF) was formally established on 24th April, 2013.  The charitable objects of the Foundation are as follows:

 (i) The prevention and relief of poverty, sickness and distress, especially but not exclusively in the Volta Region of Ghana, by supporting and encouraging the work of Dream Big Ghana NGO, a not-for-profit organisation working in community development.

 (ii) Such other charitable purposes as the trustees for the time being shall from time to time think fit.


One of our core goals is to improve access to sanitation and provide basic hygiene education for people Dzita and Dzita-Agbledomi, in order to stop them getting sick and dying from preventable diseases.

We do this by building ecological sanitation (EcoSan) toilets and informing users of the benefits of good hygiene practices. Each toilet serves around 25 people, who otherwise have no access to sanitation facilities and have to use bushes or the beach. As well as being durable and easy to use, the toilets turn what is usually regarded as waste into a safe affordable compost and fertilizer- returning valuable nutrients to the soil and increasing crop yields.

The EcoSan toilets we build comprise a raised platform above two chambers, one of which is composting whilst the other is in use. Organic material is regularly added to the chamber to introduce carbon for composting, to oxygenate the process and to neutralise odours. It takes roughly five months for pathogen free compost to be produced. To help prevent the toilet from smelling, faeces and urine are not allowed to mix as a chemical reaction between the two produces ammonia.

Highlights and impact in 2016-17:

We have completed our 64th toilet this year, thanks to a significant donation from a philanthropic private donor for which we are extremely grateful. This donation, together with a number of other generous gifts, helped to fund the construction of 14 EcoSan toilets in the 2016-17 year, adding to the 50 built in earlier years. Given that each toilet serves around 25 villagers, the 64 toilets built to date will benefit around 1600 people. A worthy achievement, but still a long way to go before everyone has proper access to sanitation.

A WASH committee has been established to oversee the delivery of our sanitation programme. Membership includes chiefs, elders, assemblymen, unit committee members and youth leaders. Getting this participation from the key stakeholders in our communities will help to ensure that our programme remains sustainable.

As part of his sabbatical, the Director has visited a number of world leading ecological sanitation projects in India and Nepal. The evidence from these visits confirms that our EcoSan toilet design is highly effective. That said, there are a number of ways in which our toilet design can be improved upon and delivered at a lower unit cost- whilst retaining all the fantastic features of the original toilet. A revised unit costing is set out in Appendix 1 to this report.

 Looking ahead


  • We will continue to build upon our EcoSan toilet programme as it is well adapted to the unique demands of our West African coastal environment
  • We will collaborate with ‘Days for Girls International’ in order to meet the menstrual hygiene needs of girls, so that they stay on in school and get a full education. https://www.daysforgirls.org


Dream Big Ghana believes in changing lives through education and learning. Accordingly we promote and support a number of activities and initiatives from primary to senior school level and beyond aimed at helping young people and adults in our village communities to develop the skills, knowledge and values that will improve the quality of their lives.

Dream Big Community Learning Centre

In March, we finally completed the Dream Big Community Learning Centre thanks to the generosity of our donors and fundraisers. The launch event was well attended by key stakeholders from the Dzita and Dzita-Agbledomi communities- including chiefs, assemblymen, village elders and head teachers. As well as supporting the development of literacy skills among young people, the Learning Centre acts as a central hub for activities and initiatives considered important to our local communities- including homework support, ICT skills, arts and crafts, dancing, drumming and other cultural activities.

The Osu Library Fund was kind enough to train up our two instructors, Godsway and Emmanuel, who have got off to a promising start. Their day-to-day role is to welcome young people and adults to the Centre, support their learning, organise educational games, run workshops and keep the Centre clean and tidy.

The Learning Centre continues to be well used by the local community.  Greatest demand is for the 4 computers we have available for students.  We are due to establish a Library board shortly.

In total 1014 visits have been made to the learning Centre since it opened in March.

We have run the following workshops:

  • Singing, traditional instruments  and dance (2)
  • Kora performance and workshop (1)
  • Sexual health/family planning (1)

We now have the following book stock:

  • Textbooks used by the local schools 106
  • Books in Ewe 28
  • Other books (with an emphasis on African books) 329

Plus a wide range of games and resources.

We are currently promoting the Learning Centre through a local radio campaign costing GHC 150 per month and erecting noticeboards in local community centres.


Highlights and impact in 2016-17

  • Ran fun and interactive educational workshops
  • Secured laptops for the Learning Centre
  • Recruited two fantastic local instructors to manage and run the Learning Centre
  • Stocked the Library sufficiently with some excellent books
  • Secured funding from Bazar to construct a EcoSan toilet block at Dzita Basic School

 Looking ahead


  • We will continue to support educational activities and initiatives that have the potential to improve the lives of villagers

To find out more about Dream Big Ghana Foundation please visit http://dreambigghana.org.uk

Your support and donations are hugely appreciated and you will be happy to know that 100% of every donation goes directly towards our programmes. 

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