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The Steve Sinnott Foundation was established in 2009 in the name of Steve Sinnott, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers of England until his death, whilst still in office, at the age of 56. Behind the headlines of his work as head of the NUT, Steve was an enthusiastic and active promoter of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals for education. He often spoke of education as ‘the great liberator’ which provides a pathway out of poverty and despair. The Foundation continues Steve’s promotion of the goal that every young person everywhere shall have the opportunity to access quality education, Education for All. We encourage unity among teachers, young people and organisations across the world in support of Education for All. We support and promote initiatives that address the need for quality education in developing countries. We campaign for and promote Education for All. The Steve Sinnott Foundation is not a financial foundation supported by an established fund from which it makes grants to other charities. It is rather an organisation which aims to connect organisers of projects aimed at achieving the Millennium Development Goals for education to each other, to potential donors of funds and equipment, and to teachers and educators around the world with experience and expertise to offer.

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