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SERV Surrey & South London Blood Runners

A marked bike making a delivery at night

In April 1981 in Surrey, Service by Emergency Rider Volunteers was set up to supply a quick and reliable means of transporting emergency blood products to the hospitals and medical facilities at night.

In April 2012, along with several other regions, SERV Surrey & South London became a separate entity, responsible for its own resources, volunteers, vehicles, facilities and fundraising.

A marked bike arriving at a customer hospitalPrior to SERV the only means available to hospitals, doctors and other medical establishments for the transport of emergency blood supplies at night were taxi, courier, Ambulance or Police. SERV supplies this service free of charge thus freeing up much-needed funds for improved patient care and other needed facilities within the hospital.

The Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance helicoptersIn addition to transporting urgent blood products, medical supplies and patient samples, SERV Surrey & South London also ensures that the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance is restocked daily with its Golden Hour transfusion supply. This service along is known to have saved 70 lives last year!

Our marked Land Rover called FlorenceOur volunteers receive no reimbursement for their time, fuel, wear or tear. SERV Surrey & South London relies entirely on donations to operate these three valuable and critical services to our customers.

Help us now; you may need us later!.

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