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Thank you for your interest in supporting Step One Charity. 

Mental wellness affects us all in our daily lives.  Each day we face a number of situations which impacts on our ability to manage our mental health – this includes  social and personal isolation – even more so at this challenging time. 

Our dedicated staff are working hard and pushing boundaries to provide quality support to those they care for who come from a range of different age groups, cultures and backgrounds across the Devon community. 

Our services include mental health crisis care and recovery, and one-to-one mentoring in employment and independent living skills. 

Proceeds from fundraising will enable us to continue improving the quality of life both during this crisis and for the future that lies ahead - both for the people we support and the staff that provide these vital functions. 

Your donation will help us to: 

  • highlight and address isolation in the community during the current crisis and in the future 
  • establish support networks to enable people to connect 
  • build resilience and skills to manage mental welfare, provide a purpose and build self-confidence  
  • develop our online presence so we are more accessible to people who need support 
  • develop and expand our range of courses both online and face to face to make them available to more communities (e.g. bereavement, HOPE, alongside courses to boost confidence and employability) 
  • develop volunteering networks and provide on-going support; connecting with others who are already engaging with their communities 
  • look after the wellbeing of all our key workers and front line staff who are continuing to deliver high quality care and support to people in the community, as well as 24 hour support to residents in our care at our crisis hospital. 

If you would like to support us in a fundraising activity or sponsorship, we are here to provide guidance and support in your endeavours.  Please email for more information. 

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