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Are you taking your smile for granted?

Our aim is for every person in the UK affected by facial palsy to have access to the best information, treatment and support available.

People with facial palsy may be unable to smile or close one or both eyes, they may struggle to eat, drink and speak. Simple everyday activities like being able to kiss loved ones goodnight may suddenly be difficult. When someone is unable to blink, the eye soon becomes sore and red and the sight is also at risk of permanent damage. Facial palsy is a complex and greatly misunderstood condition. Bell's palsy is the most well-known cause of facial paralysis and although 70% of people make a full recovery, others will be left with permanent disability. A complication of Bell’s palsy is synkinesis which is miswiring of the nerves: symptoms include facial twitching, tight and painful facial muscles, the eye narrowing when the person smiles and the cheek lifting when the person closes their eyes.

The psychological consequences of facial palsy are immense, it can affect anyone, young or old, at any time. Children born with the condition can feel very isolated as it is unlikely they will meet another child in the same school who has a unique smile. Other people develop facial palsy as a result of infections, syndromes, trauma, cancer, benign tumours, stroke and more. People may be fighting other symptoms of their illness and coping with the loss of their face at the same time. There are more than 30 different known causes of facial palsy.

'I'm lucky to have recovered from the onset of my facial palsy. Lots of people are not so lucky. They face a lifetime of dealing with a condition that can take a real toll on confidence, relationships and self-esteem.'

John Sudworth, BBC Shanghai Correspondent - Patron of Facial Palsy UK

With your help we can make a real difference to the lives of people affected by facial paralysis.


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