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The Karuri School in Kenya opened in January 2011 and currently has about 120 pupils, around 40 of whom are boarders, by virtue of being orphaned or vulnerable. The long term aim is to accommodate 240 children. It is the dream of one remarkable woman, Wangari Cecilia, and is supported by a small group of dedicated, unpaid, volunteers based in Northampton.

The Charity pays for the needs of these children, including food, medical costs and the salaries of local teachers.

The School now has classrooms, dormitories and kitchen, washing and toilet facilities. Basic electricity has been installed. But there is still much work to be done including: more classrooms, staff living accomodation, better sanitation and water harvesting. The charity is working to raise money for these essential improvements.

The Hebe Holmes Memorial Fund exists solely to raise money for the Karuri Project and welcomes your support. Hebe Holmes died in 2012 aged 16. She would have been proud, delighted and amazed that her name and her memory were benefiting children who deserve the opportunity to make their mark in the World.

For further information about Karuri School, please click on the blue web-link "Visit our website" under Charity details (see left).

How to help? Please consider sponsorship. £35 will pay for one child's education and upkeep for one month. But any amount from £2 a month upwards would be very welcome. You can make a monthly donation using the button under "Support us".

Thank you from all of us.

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