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Hebe Holmes

Hebe Holmes 29.07.1995 to 26.03.2012

Hebe was diagnosed with a terminal illness at age 14. During the next two years she made the most of every day, and never once felt sorry for herself. Hebe accepted that terrible things happen to people and there is no possibility of changing the outcome sometimes. Even whilst facing her own problems, Hebe was touched by the challenges face by the world's poorest children, and she knew the value of education.

Wangari's story of unconditional faith and belief gave Hebe inspiration. She first became involved with the Karuri Project by designing a poster for the "Cow Drive" which raised money to buy two cows for the children to drink milk. Wangari's picture appears in the Gallery to the right.

Hebe died on 26 March 2012. she would have been proud, delighted and amazed that her name and her memory were benefiting children who deserve the opportunity to make their mark in the World.

Hebe Holmes Memorial Fund - Raising Money for the Karuri Project

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