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What happens if you don’t enjoy school? What happens if your family life is in so much turmoil that you can’t concentrate in class? What happened if you are wired in a way that makes sitting for an hour torture? As adults we know you can survive, thrive, and build a successful life. At thirteen it seems like you have already failed. RE:WORK exists to show you a little of the adult world, work at real jobs, be part of the team, receive genuine thanks from customers and colleagues, learn in a different way and see the reason for that learning.

We work in Knowle West, an area of south Bristol that suffers from high levels of poverty, so in addition to offering supportive mentoring to young people we offer reasonably priced building and gardening services and a furniture reuse shop. The young people volunteer with the builders and gardeners, in our office, shop and carpentry workshop.

We have an excellent record of helping troubled teens get their life back on track. 80% of the young people referred to us return to education, training or gain a job and we help over 500 homes a year.

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