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Naitbabies are a patient organisation run by families who have a serious genetic condition called NAIT or FNAIT - Fetal and Neonatal Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia.

FNAIT may cause unborn or newborn babies to bleed into their brain (intracranial hemorrhage) and/or other major organs due to the maternal immune response against baby's blood platelet antigens and can result in death or lifelong disabilities.

Registered in the UK we are the only charity for this disease and provide support for families worldwide.

For information or if you have been diagnosed with or suspect that you may have NAIT please email us at:

Your donation will be used to:

Support research into pioneering new treatments to prevent our babies hemorrhaging into their brain.
Support families worldwide whose children have been affected.
Provide help, practical assistance and advocate for parents diagnosed with FNAIT.
Advance the education of the public, in particular those involved in the diagnosis, treatment and care of those suffering from FNAIT.

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Charity No.1161698 Registered in England and Wales.

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