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Headlines was set up in 1993 by a group of parents whose children were affected by Craniosynostosis. Headlines is a registered charity run by voluntary trustees (who include medical professionals) together with a part-time employee. ‘The birth of a child with a craniofacial condition is extremely traumatic for all the family’ At birth a baby’s skull (cranium) is made up of several plates of bone that lie side by side, but are not actually joined. In normal circumstances, these plates expand and grow, allowing the baby’s brain to grow inside the skull. Eventually, when the brain has finished growing in early adulthood, all the plates will join together (fuse) at their seams (sutures, growth lines) so that the skull becomes a fixed “box” which protects the brain. In Craniosynostosis, one or more of the sutures has fused too early - before birth or in early infancy, preventing the skull from growing normally which may cause damage to the brain. Headlines is working to increase awareness of Craniosynostosis and its associated conditions amongst medical professionals and the general public so that all affected persons receive the appropriate treatment Headlines aim is to help all those affected by Craniosynostosis and associated conditions throughout their lives, to achieve their potential and meet their special challenges, by making readily available a comprehensive range of support services. Headlines publish newsletters during the year and have a library of leaflets, medical articles, videos and other resources.

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