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A charity breaking down barriers to music making for physically disabled people.

Orchestral instruments that can be played without two fully functioning hands are extremely rare. This denies unlimited participation in musical life, at the highest level, to millions, including people with congenital disabilities and amputees as well as those who may have been injured, suffered a stroke or developed arthritis. The primary obstacle is the absence of suitable instruments.

Finding instruments...

The OHMI Trust was formed in 2011 and is doing ground breaking work by solving this problem through an annual competition. Through the competition we now have instruments of an exceptionally high standard that are playable without the use of one hand/arm.

With these instruments, the OHMI Trust launched a pioneering music teaching project in Birmingham in September 2015, where 15 children aged between 7 and 11 years of age with an upper limb disability have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. In 2016 this work was launched in Surrey and has now been reformed as the OHMI Music-Makers scheme with students across England and Wales. This is an extroardinary opportunity for children with upper limb disabilities to learn alongside their peers, without any limitations imposed by their instrument.

In 2019 OHMI started working with other partner organisations to support children in Nottingham to receive adapted instruments to enable them to participate in primary school music lessons.

Teaching instruments...

The OHMI Trust is currently raising funds to roll this pilot scheme out to all music services across the so that having a disability is not a barrier to music-making at the highest level.

Raising awareness of the current inequality...

We also do what we can to raise awareness with governments, musical instrument makers and others so that together we can work towards practical solutions that will allow those with physical disabilities have completely equal access to musical participation at whatever level they choose.   We also need to work with people with physical disabilities and their families so that they are aware of the music-making options available to them.

All donations will help OHMI to continue our extraordinary work in breaking down barriers to music participation for those with disabilities. 

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