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Twinkle Trust Animal Aid has been working in Fuerteventura for over 20 years, Twinkle initially carried out bi-annual neutering campaigns, but in recent years with Jenny being on the island we are now neutering, carrying out medical assistance almost every day, and whenever possible rehoming cats.

We still have smaller scale campaigns when we will spend an amount of time in an area to try and make a difference.

All of this takes it's toll on our finances, meaning we need to raise an even greater amount of money, and thats where you can help.

Last year we spent approx £65,000 on the cats in some form or another and we would like to spend even more.

If you could make a donation however small it may seem to you, collectively it will make a huge difference to the amount of cats we can treat.

ALL the money we raise goes to helping the cats, non of the volunteers take expenses or admin costs.

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