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Since 2014 Outpost Charity has helped servicemen/women and veterans of our Armed Forces and their families, throughout the UK to cope with and manage issues they are experiencing through programs and direct support.

Our aim is to provide relief from suffering and hardship for men or women who are or have at any time served with any branch of the British Armed Forces.

Outpost Charity is run solely by volunteers and no one receives a wage/salary for the work they do and is governed by a diverse board of Trustees who are responsible for and have overall control of the charity. The trustees use their skills and experience to provide strategic direction of the charity’s activities, this involves; making balanced and adequately informed decisions, ensuring the charity remains true to the constitution and meets it charitable purposes and operates within the law and regulations. This includes; policies such as Safeguarding, legislation such as Data Protection (GDPR) and Accounts Reporting - Charities SORP, etc.

The support we offer is based on emotional, social and practical support as follows;

Programs we offer, give opportunity to gain confidence, self-esteem, self-belief and encourage and motivate towards integration and socialisation. The alternative therapy concepts we use possess a potential to significantly aid in the treatment of Mental Illnesses, in combination with standard therapies. 

Direct support is provided through the provision of necessities which acts as a bridging system whilst further support is set into place. This enables those in financial hardship to rebuild and work though difficulties with the aim of reaching a financial balance that is manageable for the longer term.

We carry out a variety of fundraising Events & Activities throughout the year. Previously these events and activities have included Bungee Jumping, London Marathon, Highland Hike, Kilt Run and much more.

Through these activities we do aim to raise funds but also provide opportunity for our supporters, volunteers and beneficiaries to do something a little different, new or something they wouldn't normally be able to do.

Our definition of Education is teaching and informing volunteers and the public about military life, the needs of the Armed Forces Community and issues our servicemen and woman have, do face and may face in the future.  To do this we undertake training courses, help/run projects and raise awareness during our general activities. ?Some of our training courses are open to beneficiaries but these are limited. Some of the courses we have completed so far are; Art Therapy. British Sign Language. Mental Health First Aid in Armed Forces, Men of Loch Broom - WW1 Trenches and much more.

Support can be provided in person, on the phone and online however our Veterans Camp program is primarily held in the Highlands of Scotland. This is due to the extensive landscape which in itself provides a powerful healing to those with mental health illness and affiliated symptoms.

When a member of the Armed Forces comes to us for support we actively seek to individualise the support to meet their personal needs, we work together ensuring the most appropriate support is received.

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