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Bees Abroad’s mission is to support farmers’ groups and NGOs with capacity-building
training and identification of funding sources. Our main focus is on building skills that will
empower communities and local organisations in beekeeping, environmental awareness and
business development. We provide in-country support, as well as free Internet-based advice.
Our project managers are all volunteers and offer project design services, technical training,
organisational skills and monitoring of funds to groups that we have undertaken to partner
in order that they may develop sustainable self-help programmes and a business-based
ethos that will allow long-term economic viability.
Using a step-by-step approach, Bees Abroad volunteers make a commitment to each project
we adopt for as long as the project manager feels necessary for a successful outcome. Bees
Abroad’s special focus is practical ‘farmer-to-farmer’ support to develop the group to a point
where they are able to run their enterprise as a sustainable business. At this point, a decision
is taken either to leave a completed project or to scale it up into a larger project or business.
Some groups only require training or project design that can be completed after one or two
visits, while others may have a more comprehensive and long-term programme. We have
also started to partner established NGOs which undertake the in-country practical work but
which need a Western partner for funding purposes.

Bees Abroad is a small UK charity who help young people, women and children in Africa learn how to keep bees. We are an experienced team of beekeepers who share knowledge and provide hands-on help to with those who are desperate to create a living. The income from beekeeping products; honey, wax and cosmetics,  provides money put food on the table, buy medicine and enable children to go to school. Groups are encouraged to re-invest in their own business to create a sustainable living. 

Our 2016 Christmas Appeal is called: Bees for School Fees. We are raising funds to run and support a beekeeping club at Bandaman Senior High School in Brong Ahafo, Ghana. Income raised from keeping Bees and making value added products from wax will buy more resources for the school. Young beekeepers will takeskills into their community and create an income stream from the honey they sell to pay for their school fees. 

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