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Little Troopers is a charity supporting children with serving British Armed Forces parents, ensuring they have resources and events to help them through repeated, long periods of separation from a serving parent due to active service needs.

Our objectives are to ensure that when a serving British Army, Royal Navy or Royal Air Force parent is away from the family home due to service needs their children are supported, that they feel included and have fundamental resources available to ease and aid a forced separation period; be it one month or nine months the parent is away.

Serving parents are absent from the family home to fulfil service requirements at regular points throughout their careers, some will be in an operational environment such as Afghanistan or Iraq – times when communication is limited and sporadic.

Conflict isn’t the only reason a parent will go away, the British Armed Forces have many other commitments across the globe for training, exercises and non-combat operations; Belize, Cyprus, Kenya, Canada, Northern Ireland, Germany, Falklands and many more but even if not in danger that parent is away and their children are facing daily challenges due to being separated.

Forced separation unfortunately doesn’t happen just once or twice to British Armed Forces families it is a regular, consistent and sometimes concurrent situation they have to deal with which is in many circumstances harder for the children to cope with.

Our resources and events support the entire family unit; relieving the challenges and emotions of the parent at home offering respite through the recognition and provision for their child; The soldier/sailor/air person has the knowledge that their family is being cared for and sustained in their absence thus ensuring they can concentrate on the operation/exercise they are part of and through our work the stresses of absence are being relieved through activities that encourage sharing and development across the family unit and wider army community; regular and reserve.

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