Dartmoor Search And Rescue Team (plymouth)

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Unit 4 Devonshire Meadows Broadley Par,Roborough


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Finding and saving lives on Dartmoor and surrounding areas. We are professionally trained and skilled to operate in highland, lowland and urban search and rescues. We serve the community and support the emergency services. Please support and donate to help our volunteers continue to save lives.

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Did you know that The Dartmoor Search & Rescue Team Plymouth:

  • Is a voluntary organisation, a registered charity funded by donation
  • Provides a vital all year round search and rescue service throughout South West Devon, East Cornwall and Dartmoor
  • Provides the Police with well in excess of 1,000 man – hours of search resources annually
  • Helps to oversee the safety of over 2000 youngsters during the annual Ten Tors event
  • Provides a valuable search resource that regularly helps the elderly, infirm and those with mental health conditions
  • Pays nothing to volunteers for their role
  • Assists at public events providing first aid cover with our qualified Casualty Carers, some of whom are medical staff in their day jobs?

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