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Welcome to Share Tanzania's Virgin money giving fund raising platform. ShareTanzania exists with the sole purpose of assisting the vulnerable children living in Tanzania.

We do this using 4 main outlets..

Uchira Childrens Fund

An education fund for children in poverty and child labor.

FeathersTale Children's Village

A purpose built off the grid community that provides shelter, and care for special needs children and sometimes their single mothers.

Angels Gate centre for street involved children

A dedicated home for street involved children.

Kilimanjaro Animal Rescue

Our Dog Rescue shelter, providing a home for over 60 rescue dogs and counting! 

SHARETANZANIA Currently provides full time guardianship for 40 special needs children, and over 60 able bodied children who have no parents of guardians to care for them. 
 Alongside this we offer community support which is why the childrens village was built. After offering educational and medical support to some 600 children, we realised that not all children could find a safe home environment in the community, for a variety of reasons, from disabilities to trauma affecting their ability to live in a foster care family.

All non Tanzanian staff are volunteers, that being myself "John" and my wife, Fritzi...

We live and work here, and always will, as many of the special needs children will be with us forever it seems...

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