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Education is the ladder of life. Charity Links was established to support, nurture and encourage educational and vocational training projects in East Africa by the awarding of grants to exclusively UK regulated charities working across the region. C(A)L raises funds for smaller UK charities by staging fundraising activities such as KiliEvents – Climbs to the summit of Kilimanjaro and Ride East Africa – a 1,000Km Cycle Challenge from the foothills of Kilimanjaro to the Rwandan/ Congo border.  Our current major fundraiser:

 - A party of 14 set off from Heathrow on 31st October to cycle 300+ tough, hot, dusty Kms down into Kenya’s Great Rift Valley then climbing up to the Mara plains. (please just click on the logo to support us)

The carefully selected projects delivered by our partner charities are currently:

Kenya  enables Kenyan teenagers from poor and broken families to complete their secondary education by paying their school fees without which schooling would be denied. Our funds to do this are raised in the UK from donations most often sourced from sponsors who are linked to a particular student.  Going to secondary school is one of the best ways for a child to beat poverty. But, for many children, there are barriers to overcome first. 20% of children in Kenya never finish primary school Children are often locked-out of this vital part of their journey – either because they’ve been unable to complete primary school, or are unprepared for the next big step. Families can also face difficulties meeting the cost of continued education, and negative community attitudes towards school can stand in the way.  Primary education has been free in Kenya since 2003. However, the reality of a government funded education for over 6 million pupils in more than 20,000 primary schools is that limited financial resources are spread very thinly when faced with the demands of employing sufficient teachers, providing adequate resources and investing in facilities and infrastructure.

In schools, particularly those in rural areas, this manifests itself in high class numbers, dilapidated and cramped classrooms, and an acute shortage of even the most basic learning resources. Furthermore, pupil welfare suffers in the face of unhygienic sanitation facilities, a lack of clean drinking water and the absence of feeding programmes.


Uganda 66% of children in Uganda cannot read a basic sentence by Year 3 – Build-Africa’s projects are addressing this very issue.
The first years of primary education lay the foundations for learning, helping determine how a child succeeds in their time at school, and even into adult life. However,? many children are unable to learn the basic cognitive and social abilities they will need to do well.  In particular, children can struggle to learn vital literacy and numeracy skills that will underpin their future education, leading to undeveloped communication, and higher school dropout rates


Rwanda  Education through The dairy cow project may seem unusual.  It involves airlifting high-yielding (exotic) cows from Europe to Rwanda, which are then distributed one cow per family to impoverished families in Rwamagana, eastern Rwanda. The families receive full training and support for their cow. The first female calf is passed on to a neighbour selected by Msaada so the project restarts and each family involved can now send its children to school   APIE works with both international and Rwandan partners to meet the Sustainable Development Goals of Inclusive and Quality Education. Our theory of change hinges on the development of excellence in teaching and learning, where international partners work alongside local educators, supporting them to hone their skills and share their learning in an effective and sustainable way. Our pilot centre of excellence - Umubano Academy - is fully inclusive, incorporating training for teachers and provision for all students, whatever their background, whatever their educational needs.


Rwanda and Education East Africa delivers in-service teacher-training, books and materials for teachers and pupils in government primary schools in Gasabo District, Rwanda;  the charity’s focus is on supporting teachers in teaching English as a second language.   It is crucial to Rwanda’s continued development that the teachers and pupils have a strong foundation in English, as not only is English adopted as the medium of instruction from the fourth year of primary school but it is the world language of communication and business.


Education East Africa also provides vocational training to young people in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania, in order to improve their life’s chances. A new Motor Mechanics Training Centre has been built, equipped, and work there has started.  This is an expanding area of employment as more new vehicles enter the country, and the old ones keep going.  Education East Africa is helping teachers, pupils and young adults master skills for life.



Charity Links provides grants and support which is never based on ethnic, religious or political considerations.

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