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Finnbar's Force is A New Hope in the fight against brain tumours in children. 

In Memory of Finnbar Cork - 10th September 2010 - 5th August 2016.

We want to reduce suffering for children who receive the devastating diagnosis of a brain tumour.

Our three main aims are:

  • To support children suffering from brain tumours (especially rare/unusual presentations) and their families, through; 
           - Information and advocacy, including possible funding of a specialist nurse                advocate role
           - Local support groups
           - Facilitating better access to existing services and pushing for improvement                of services where necessary
           - Basic financial support (e.g. hospital associated costs, car parking, food,                  emergency accommodation etc
  • To support and fund research into brain cancer and potential treatments through grants to research teams and support of umbrella organisations, such as Brain Tumour Research 
  • To raise awareness of the disease and it's debilitating effects and to campaign for improvements in the current standard of care and support available, as well as for more research/funding for research

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