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FERBLANC exists to Advance Neurological Research.

Neurological conditions affect almost one billion people in the world.

There are few of us that dont have a friend suffering from:

Stroke                                           Multiple Sclerosis

Alzheimer’s                                    Brain tumours

Parkinson's                                    Psychological disorders

Depression                                    Paralysis

Epilepsy                                        Brain and spinal trauma

By supporting research into these areas, not only can we develop scientific understanding, but findings can be translated between disciplines to stimulate new research paths and further development.

FERBLANC was founded over 20 years ago by Henry, who broke his neck in four places diving into a lake and hitting a sandbank under the water. Ferblanc means white iron, aka titanium, which was used by the French surgeons to rebuild Henry's neck. Ferblanc has since raised over £250,000 for research into spinal injuries and neurological disorders.

If you are researching or intending to research the causes, preventions, treatments and / or cures of neurological conditions and / injuries then you can apply for a grant by submitting a grant application form to the Ferblanc Medical Council.

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