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112 Echline Drive,
South Queensferry,Midlothian
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Blood Bikes Scotland are a dedicated team of volunteer motorcyclists, who commit their time to provide a service for NHS Lothian, Borders,, Fife and Forth Valley. Using 9 fully liveried motorbikes, we offer this unscheduled service free of charge to the NHS as an alternative to taxis or couriers as a way of ‘giving something back’.

We deliver small urgent items including blood samples, donor baby milk, medication, small medical equipment, specimens, documentation that are urgently requiring to be moved from one site to another or from a patients home in the community. By using motorbikes, we are able to move these items quicker than four wheeled vehicles which is vital as many items are time critical.

We are an independent charity affiliated to the National Association of Blood Bikes.

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