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PDC UK is dedicated to conserving Painted Dogs (AKA African Wild Dogs/Cape Hunting Dogs) a very endangered species that is now restricted to a few areas in Southern and Eastern Africa. Our support focuses on conservation education for local people in the areas where the dogs still exist, anti poaching patrols, preserving the environment where the dogs live and research.

What your support could provide to the Painted Dog Conservation in Zimbabwe -

  • £20     - One child's visit for 4 days in the Bush Camp
  • £100   - All kit needed for a field worked
  • £200   - Anti Snare Protective Dog Collar
  • £400   - One computer for the new ITC Centre
  • £600   - Spare parts needed for one vechile per annum
  • £700   - Monthly salary of an anti-poaching unit of eight men
  • £1000 - The fuel needed for one vechile per annum
  • £1000 - One local schools visit to Bush Camp for 4 days

Painted Dog Puppy

Painted Dog Puppy


Trustees at event raising money selling crafts from Iganyana Art Centre

Painted Dog Puppy

Painted Dog Puppy 

Bush Camp

Bush Camp

Painted Dogs

Painted Dogs

Art Centre

Iganyana Art Centre

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