The Soho Recovery Centre

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Brown Withey Llp,6th Floor
48 Gracechurch Street,London

0203 282 3759

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The Soho Recovery Centre will be a safe space in the heart of London for 12-Step recovery meetings to take place. Modelled on similar centres around the world, it will be available to any 12 Step Fellowship group such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Crystal Meth Anonymous, AlAnon and Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous etc. for their meetings to take place. It will be open 365 days a year and allow meetings to go on regardless of holidays. Meetings will be asked to contribute to the centre based on the number of their attendees rather than a flat rate for the room. This will help smaller fellowships to find a meeting space and new meetings to get started. It will also establish a permanent foothold for recovery in Central London. The person in need of a meeting will always be able to head to the centre knowing that there will be a meeting soon. The Soho Recovery Centre will be an easy place for newcomers to find, where they can meet other members and become familiar with the workings and locations of other meetings, as well as those held at the centre itself.

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