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The written word unlocks our ability to access information, gives us the freedom to explore imaginary worlds and hands us the power to succeed. Imagine if you were denied that access. Children with vision impairment learn to read like sighted children, through repeated contact with words and so, with sighted parents, dual print and braille children books are vital to that child’s development and fundamental to allowing them their basic right not just to read but to the joy of a bedtime story.

ClearVision is the UK’s largest producer of dual print and braille children books and the UK’s only free postal lending library of these books, sending out nearly 9,000 loans every year and supporting nearly 1,000 families and 400 Schools, Libraries and Visual Impairment Services across the UK. We have over 14,000 titles that have been individually produced from tactile books with little no text to build finger dexterity, basic ‘That’s Not My Kitten’ board books through to the more challenging Very Hungry Caterpillar and up to the teenage classics such as The Worst Witch. We are constantly replacing much loved books and creating new popular titles, producing over 600 new books each year.

With a small core team of 3 part-time staff and our braillists and transcribers every penny goes towards making sure families living with vision impairment have access to our books. It costs just £18 to create a dual print and braille board book using clear plastic braille sheets on the pages, £29 to interleave and rebind a picture book like the Very Hungry Caterpillar and £45 to transpose longer books like the Worst Witch into braille.

Your donation will mean that children across the UK living in darkness have the gift of these imaginary worlds, thank you on the behalf of them and their families for choosing to support ClearVision.

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