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Who Are We:

We are Cumbria Alcohol and Drug Advisory Service (Cadas). Here at Cadas we provide support for individuals who are struggling with their own, or someone else's alcohol or drug use.

Our Aim:

Our aim is to promote harm reduction and support people and communities struggling with problematic substance use across all ages and geographical areas of Cumbria. We want to help people live in a more resourceful, satisfying way. 

Our Services:

Our Adult and Young People Services are designed to support anyone (aged 10+) who feels their substance use is problematic. We help people uncover the reasons for their substance use - focusing on the reduction of harm to themselves and others.

We also understand the impact a person's substance use can have on their loved ones or carers. Therefore our Parent, Carer and Family service is designed to suport people who are caring for, or who are affected by, someone experiencing problematic substance use.

Finally we work closely with professionals from a variety of different workforce sectors, delivering high quality drug and alcohol awareness training and consultancy. This forms the basis of our preventive and awareness stratergy.

Your Donation:

Every penny you donate will help us support some of the most vulnerable residents of Cumbria. Without the generous donations we recieve from individuals like yourself, our service would not be the same.

Your donation broken down:

It costs us £1 to help a Cadas volunteer provide phone support or signposting advice to a vulnerable caller.

It costs £5 for the specialised equipment needed to deliver acu-stimulation to a vulnerable client in recovery.

The average volunteer travel expense to deliver a 1:1 session is £10 - they give ther time to support vulnerable peers in the community.

It costs £25 to deliver a 30 minute school assembly to give young people drug and alcohol awareness and advice.

It costs £50 to deliver just one session of behavioural change talking therapy to a vulnerable client.

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