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Department Of Gastroenterology,Guy's And St Thomas' Hospital
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The Obesity Action Campaign is a UK-registered charity, launched out of the House of Lords in 2011 by a group of senior clinicians and academics who believe that by uniting the voices and experiences of patients, families, clinicians, health policy-makers, academics and educators and by working together, we stand the best chance of reducing levels of adult and childhood obesity and improving the health and quality of life of millions of people across the UK. Together, we aim to:

  • [b]Raise awareness of the severe health risks associated with adult and childhood obesity and obesity-induced diseases[/b] among patients and healthcare professionals.

  • [b]Support research [/b]into the prevention and treatment of obesity-induced diseases in both adults and children

  • [b]Educate families and prospective parents about the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle[/b], especially during pregnancy, and encouraging their children to do the same throughout their own lifetimes. We believe that teaching children how to live healthy and active lives should be afforded as much importance and value as academic achievement.

  • [b]Encourage greater collaboration between clinicians, researchers, health policy-makers and the general public[/b] to effectively combat the rising levels of adult and childhood obesity and obesity-induced diseases in the UK.

You can follow the Obesity Action Campaign via our website www.obesityac.org/ and on Facebook and Twitter @ObesityCampaign.

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